How to Redeem Xbox Gift Cards on the Xbox App

how to redeem Xbox gift card on Xbox app?

In The realm of gaming, Xbox has established itself as a prominent name, offering an extensive library of games, apps, and digital content. To enhance your gaming experience, you might have received Xbox gift cards as a gift or purchased them yourself. These cards carry a certain value that can be added to your Xbox account, allowing you to make game purchases, access premium features, or even buy subscriptions. Redeeming Xbox gift cards is a straightforward process, and in this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to redeem them on the Xbox app.

Prerequisites for Redeeming Xbox Gift Cards

Before diving into the redemption process, ensure you have the following:

  1. Xbox Account: You need an active Xbox account. If you don’t have one, you can easily create it on the Xbox website or through the Xbox app.
  2. Xbox App: Download and install the Xbox app on your compatible device. The Xbox app is available for Windows 10, iOS, and Android devices.
  3. Xbox Gift Card: Of course, you need an Xbox gift card with a valid code.

Step-by-Step Guide to Redeem Xbox Gift Cards

Let’s get started with the redemption process:

1. Launch the Xbox App

Open the Xbox app on your device. Ensure that you’re signed in to the same Xbox account where you want to redeem the gift card.

2. Access the Menu

In the Xbox app, locate and click on the menu icon, often represented by three horizontal lines or the Xbox logo. This will open up the app’s navigation menu.

3. Navigate to “Microsoft Store”

From the navigation menu, select “Microsoft Store.” This will take you to the store section of the Xbox app, where you can browse and purchase games and digital content.

4. Choose “Redeem a Code”

Within the Microsoft Store section, you will find an option that says “Redeem a Code.” Click on it to proceed with the redemption process.

5. Enter the Gift Card Code

A dialog box will appear, prompting you to enter the 25-character code from your Xbox gift card. Carefully type in the code, ensuring there are no typos, and click “Next.”

6. Confirm Redemption

Once you’ve entered the code correctly, the app will verify it. If the code is valid, you will see a confirmation message. Click “Confirm” to complete the redemption process.

7. Enjoy Your Credit

Congratulations! You’ve successfully redeemed your Xbox gift card. The credited amount will be added to your Xbox account balance, which you can use to make purchases in the Microsoft Store.

Additional Tips

Here are some additional tips to make the most of your Xbox gift card redemption:

1. Check Your Account Balance

To verify that the gift card amount has been added to your account, go to your account settings within the Xbox app. You can view your account balance there.

2. Explore the Microsoft Store

Now that you have credit in your account, explore the Microsoft Store to discover a wide range of games, apps, and digital content available for purchase. You can use your balance to buy your favorite titles or add-ons.

3. Consider Xbox Game Pass

If you’re a dedicated gamer, you might want to consider subscribing to Xbox Game Pass. This subscription service offers access to a vast library of games, including new releases. You can use your account balance to pay for your Game Pass subscription.

how to use a Visa gift card on Xbox?

To use a Visa gift card on Xbox, follow these simple steps:

  1. Check the Balance: Before you start, ensure that your Visa gift card has a sufficient balance to cover your desired purchase on Xbox. You can usually check the balance by visiting the website or calling the customer service number provided on the back of the card.
  2. Add the Visa Gift Card to Your Microsoft Account:
    • Open your web browser and go to the official Xbox website (
    • Sign in to your Xbox account or create one if you don’t have one yet.
    • Once logged in, click on your profile picture in the upper right corner and select “Payment & billing.”
    • Under the “Payment options” section, choose “Add a payment option.”
    • Select “Visa” as the payment type.
    • Now, enter the Visa gift card’s information. This typically includes the card number, expiration date, and the CVV code (found on the back of the card).
    • Click “Next” to save the card information.
  3. Verify the Card:
    • Microsoft may ask you to verify the card by charging a small amount to it (usually less than $1). This is a security measure to ensure the card is valid. The charge will be reversed after verification.
  4. Make a Purchase:
    • After adding and verifying the Visa gift card, you can use it to make purchases on Xbox. This includes buying games, in-game content, subscriptions, or any other digital items available on the Microsoft Store.
  5. Select the Gift Card as the Payment Method:
    • When you’re ready to make a purchase on your Xbox console or the Xbox website, choose the Visa gift card you added as the payment method during checkout.
  6. Complete the Transaction:
    • Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the transaction. Be sure to review your order before confirming the purchase.
  7. Enjoy Your Content:
    • Once the transaction is successful, you can immediately access and enjoy the content you’ve purchased using your Visa gift card.

Remember that Visa gift cards may have certain limitations, such as not being usable for recurring subscription payments or purchases that exceed the card’s balance. Ensure you have enough funds on the card for your intended purchase, and if you plan to make regular payments, you might need to monitor and update the card information accordingly.

That’s it! You’ve successfully used your Visa gift card on Xbox to make purchases and enhance your gaming experience.

In conclusion, redeeming Xbox gift cards on the Xbox app is a straightforward process that allows you to enhance your gaming experience by accessing a world of exciting content. With your account balance loaded, you’re ready to explore and enjoy everything Xbox has to offer. Happy gaming!

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