Do PlayStation gift cards expire?

Do PlayStation Gift Cards Expire?

PlayStation gift cards have become increasingly popular among gamers and enthusiasts, offering a convenient way to access games, add-ons, and even subscriptions on the PlayStation Network. However, one common concern that users often have is whether these gift cards come with an expiration date. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of PlayStation gift cards and address the burning question: Do PlayStation gift cards expire?

Understanding PlayStation Gift Cards

PlayStation gift cards, often referred to as PSN cards, are prepaid cards that hold a specific monetary value. Gamers can redeem these cards on their PlayStation accounts to purchase games, and DLCs (Downloadable Content), or subscribe to services like PlayStation Plus. These cards are available in various denominations, making them a versatile option for gaming enthusiasts.

The Expiration Myth

There is a common misconception among gamers that PlayStation gift cards have an expiration date, much like food or perishable goods. However, the truth is quite different. PlayStation gift cards, in most cases, do not have an expiration date. This means that the funds loaded onto the card will remain valid indefinitely.

Key Points to Note

1. PlayStation Wallet Funds

When you redeem a PlayStation gift card, the funds are added to your PlayStation Wallet. The balance in your wallet can be used at your convenience, and it does not come with a predetermined expiration date.

2. Promotional Gift Cards

Sometimes, Sony may distribute promotional gift cards as part of special events or offers. These promotional cards may have specific terms and conditions, including an expiration date. Reading the fine print on such cards is crucial to understanding any limitations.

3. Regional Variations

While PlayStation gift cards generally do not expire, regional variations in terms and conditions might exist. It’s advisable to check the official PlayStation website or contact customer support for region-specific information.

Can Funds Expire in Your Wallet?

While the PlayStation gift cards do not expire, it’s essential to note that the funds in your PlayStation Wallet may become inactive if you have not used your account for an extended period. Sony’s policy states that if you do not sign in to your account for 24 months, your wallet funds may be deemed inactive.

Preventing Inactivity

To prevent your wallet funds from becoming inactive, simply login to your PlayStation account regularly and make a purchase or redeem a code. This straightforward action will keep your funds active and ready for use.

Can you use Visa gift cards on PlayStation?

Yes, you can use Visa gift cards on the PlayStation Network (PSN) to make purchases, as long as they are registered and activated for online transactions. Here’s how to use a Visa gift card on PlayStation:

  1. Check the Balance: Before using the Visa gift card, make sure to check its balance to ensure it has sufficient funds to cover your intended purchase.
  2. Redeem on PlayStation: Sign in to your PlayStation Network (PSN) account on your console or through the PlayStation website.
  3. Access the PlayStation Store: Navigate to the PlayStation Store on your console or via the website.
  4. Add Funds to Wallet: In the PlayStation Store, go to the “Account” or “Wallet” section, and select “Add Funds to Wallet.”
  5. Choose Payment Method: Select “Credit/Debit Card” as your payment method.
  6. Enter Card Details: Enter the Visa gift card details, including the card number, expiration date, and security code (CVV).
  7. Verify Information: Ensure that the billing information entered matches the details associated with the Visa gift card.
  8. Add Funds: Specify the amount you want to add to your PlayStation Wallet, which should be less than or equal to the balance on your Visa gift card.
  9. Confirm Purchase: Review the transaction details and confirm the purchase. The funds will be added to your PlayStation Wallet.
  10. Start Shopping: You can now use the funds in your PlayStation Wallet to make purchases, such as buying games, DLCs, or subscriptions, from the PlayStation Store.

How to redeem a PlayStation gift card on Amazon?

If you have a PlayStation gift card and want to use it on Amazon, you will need to first redeem the gift card on your PlayStation account and then use the funds in your PlayStation Wallet to make purchases on the PlayStation Network. These funds cannot be transferred to your Amazon account directly.

To redeem a PlayStation gift card on your PlayStation account, follow these steps:

  1. Turn on your PlayStation Console: Make sure your PlayStation console is powered on.
  2. Sign in to Your PlayStation Account: Use your controller to navigate to the PlayStation Network (PSN) login screen and sign in with your PlayStation Network ID.
  3. Access the PlayStation Store: Navigate to the PlayStation Store from the console’s main menu.
  4. Select “Redeem Codes”: In the PlayStation Store, scroll down to the bottom of the left sidebar and select “Redeem Codes.”
  5. Enter the Code: Carefully enter the code from the back of your PlayStation gift card. The code is typically a series of letters and numbers.
  6. Confirm Redemption: Once you’ve entered the code, confirm the redemption. If the code is valid, the funds from the gift card will be added to your PlayStation Wallet.
  7. Start Shopping: You can now use the funds in your PlayStation Wallet to make purchases on the PlayStation Store, including games, DLCs, and more.

Remember that the funds in your PlayStation Wallet can only be used on the PlayStation Network and are not transferrable to other platforms like Amazon.


In conclusion, PlayStation gift cards typically do not have an expiration date, making them a convenient and flexible option for gamers. However, it’s crucial to stay active on your PlayStation account to prevent the inactivity of wallet funds. So, you can rest assured that your PlayStation gift card funds will be there when you’re ready to use them for your gaming adventures.

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